Daybreakers Review

Image for Daybreakers

Ethan Hawke plays a vampire called Edward (steady!) in a world where almost everyone is undead. But with hardly any humans left, the blood banks are running low and starvation threatens. As starving vampires devolve and turn feral, Edward learns about a rogue group who may have a solution...


There’s a fascinating idea at the heart of Daybreakers, where a vampire plague has swept the world and everyone’s now a bloodsucker, but it doesn’t quite make for a fascinating film.

At its strongest when discussing the implications of that flipped population — light-secured houses, the few remaining humans farmed for blood — but weakest when it deals with plot, this sees Ethan Hawke’s compassionate vampire researcher flailing as he tries to develop a new food source for vampires threatened with starvation. A possible cure for vampirism appears instead, but with a fumbled last act and blatant appeal for a sequel, this finishes not with a bang but a whimper.

Lots of interesting concepts competing for limited running time make for more of a TV pilot than a feature film.