Day Of The Flowers Review

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Two very different sisters (Birthistle and Wakefield) head to Cuba to scatter their father's ashes. When the urn goes missing and a handsome Cuban (Acosta) appears on the scene, the trip takes a turn for the eventful.


Two very different Scottish sisters head for Cuba in this gently engaging drama. Politically correct Rosa (Eva ) are on a mission to spread their father’s ashes, accompanied by kilt-sporting friend Conway (Bryan Dick), but culture clashes, self-discovery and further adventures await. Both actresses are on fine form, supported by a graceful debut from dancer Carlos Acosta as potential love interest. The plot errs towards the melodramatic and not all scenes convince, but it’s a decorative affair that paints a pretty picture of Cuba — visually, at least.

Pretty Cuban landscapes and the graceful Acosta are the highlights of this slight but winsome road trip romance.