David Bowie Is Review

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A behind-the-scenes of the recent David Bowie exhibition at London's V&A museum.


The latest in a lengthening line of exhibition guide movies, this traipse around the Victoria & Albert Museum’s delve into David Bowie’s extensive personal archive is designed to accompany the show’s world tour. But, while it occasionally sheds light on Bowie’s music, myth and mystique and provides a decent showcase for his costumes and quirky ephemera, the snippets from the closing night gala are often excruciating, as the likes of Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker and artist Jeremy Deller offer less insight into Bowie’s chameleon psyche than the fans gushing eloquently in the numerous vox-pop interludes.

Puffy rather than insightful, it's a slog even for Bowie diehards.