Out Of The Dark Review

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A psycho in a clown mask starts stalking the girls working at a telephone sex firm.


Out Of The Dark arrives trumpeted as Divine's last movie. Closer inspection reveals that it offers no more that one scene of mustachioed Divine playing it straight as detective Langella. Before his untimely death last year, he avowed his intention was to get serious - too bad his last film was this tasteless cash-in on telephone sex.

Set in the offices of Suite Nothing-decked out in bordello style with wall to wall bimbos- a phone fantasy firm presided over by a madame called Ruth (Karen Black), troubles start when anonymity is breached in the phone lust game and the aroused ôturn onö the arousers. Stalking the women is a psycho in a clown mask. Conceived for cheap thrills, Out Of The Dark is a perverse mix that is severely underestimated by the adjective 'crass' .

Photgrapher, phone girl's beau and number one supect Kevin (Cameron Dye), unintentionally sums it up while reassuring his girl about an overnight stay in a seedy motel: "Just think of it as an adventure in sleaze."

A perverse mix that is severely underestimated by the adjective 'crass'.

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