Dark Angel Review

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Jack Caine is a maverick cop hunting down a criminal gang and some missing heroin. But when bodies start showing up, all with the same puncture wound to the forehead, he finds that there's an alien on the streets, preying on humans in search of a highly prized intergalactic drug.


Dark Angel (not to be confused with the James Cameron produced, Jessica Alba-starring TV sci-fi show) is Dolph Lundgren's best star vehicle. "Whoa, there!" we hear you cry. "Have you not considered Red Scorpion? The Punisher? Or that well-known masterpiece, Masters Of The Universe?" Well, we have, and frankly, it's all relative: it's just that Dark Angel isn't as bad as the other globs of congealed crap that comprise the Lundgren CV.

This dumb actioner, in which Dolph's maverick cop tackles an alien drug dealer, is efficiently made and vaguely enjoyable (check out the space-gun which shoots CDs), even if Dolph still acts like he's half-man, half-Ronseal.

It's B-movie stuff, but as long as an alien sucks your brain out first, you'll enjoy it.