Dangerous Indiscretion Review

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Erotic thriller about a womanising advertising executive (Howell) who picks up a supposed divorcee (Severance) and embarks on some illicit sheet-crumpling, but who then finds his life being destroyed by her jealous husband (McDowell).


Malcolm McDowell and C. Thomas Howell have more than this dreadful piece of sub-made-for-television fare in common. Both have plunged, seemingly irrevocably, into B-movie hell. This particular serving of embarrassment is further marred by the presence of Joan Severance as a hard-nosed but ridiculous femme fatale(two ital) whose increasingly meaningful — to them — dalliances with Howell’s well-meaning wideboy cause powerful hubby McDowell to exact a nasty revenge.

Stupid, overplayed divorce drama.