Dance With Me Review

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Retreating to their home in the country, Neil (Napier) and Alice (Murdock) find little solace in each other's company.


Shot on a micro-budget and showing it, this domestic drama has the feeling of late-night telly about it. Middle-class couple Neil (Adam Napier) and Alice (Johanne Murdock) hang about their country home bickering, sipping tea, and bickering some more. Each has problems — his, an unspecified condition that’s left him on an extended sick leave; hers, brittle self-esteem and unfulfilled creativity — and their fraying relationship is charted over two long summer days of rows, threats and agonised dance metaphors. Neither, though, is sympathetic enough to engage, and the possibility of a Revolutionary Road transplanted to the English countryside is lost amid a welter of stilted dialogue and overwrought acting.

A domestic drama that doesn't engage.