Daddy's Home Review

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Radio exec Brad (Will Ferrell) is forced to compete for the affections of his stepchildren when their biological dad (Mark Wahlberg) arrives keen to win them over.


Everything’s dandy for Brad (Ferrell). Job at a smooth jazz station, loving wife, stepdad to two kids. Then in swaggers Dusty (Wahlberg), the biological father: a surly, super-hung silverback intent on reclaiming his offspring. Anders’ emasculating dad-wars comedy lacks a killer set-piece, but still comes as a pleasant surprise. Reunited after The Other Guys, Ferrell and Wahlberg have formed an improbable, viable, very funny double act. Ferrell’s the wuss, Wahlberg the bad-ass; hackneyed personas maybe, but the chemistry clicks like LEGO. If it all ends in cornball reconciliation, the dumb, fuzzy smile it leaves suggests it’s well earned.

The Other Guys duo Ferrell and Wahlberg reunite to good effect in a dom-com that leaves a surprisingly warm glow.