Da Vinci's War Review

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With Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal paired in the leads, this might have been amusing, but as is, it's a dreary, pompous thriller stuck with a pair of uncharismatic arse-kickers and below-par CIA villains.

Vietnam veteran Joey Travolta, overdoing the De Niro imitation, runs a mission for similarly traumatised ex-soldiers, while Michael Nouri is a super agent left over from the Our Man Flint movies. When Travolta's sister is killed by giggling hitman James Russo, our hero and his deranged buddies draft Nouri to help out as a terribly predictable government conspiracy unravels. Lots of special pleading for homeless vets clutters up the comic book plot, and the fights/explosions/battles/stunts are pretty much off the peg.