Czech Dream Review

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Two Czech film students run an experiment in marketing, creating a buzz for the opening of a supermarket that doesn't exist.


The idea of a Yes Men-style hoax to highlight the power of advertising is full of promise, but sadly this Czech student film falls down on both presentation and concept. Two charisma-free film students in Prague decide to use the best in the ad business to promote their new cheap supermarket, using a catchy jingle including the line: "Get a loan and scream / I want to fulfill my dream!"

The catch? There is no supermarket, so they want to see how many people turn up on launch day scrabbling for non-existent bargains.

There’s some insight into the industry as they meet with marketing agencies and image consultants, as well as startling evidence of a supermarket obsession among the Czech people.

There's some insight, but no salient point is made: of course people are going to turn up to the opening of a heavily advertised store. Big deal.