Cyborg Cop II Review

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A fancy, loner cop loses his partner to a crazed terrorist during a hostage rescue. He settles for the terrorist going to Death Row in jail. What Jack doesn't know is that the terrorist will be taken and turned into a cyborg for the "Anti-Terrorist Group". When the Cyborg "Spartacus" wakes up accidentally, he kills the scientists and their guests, then goes to set things up for a Cyborg Empire. Only Jack and a few friends know how to stop him.


If the original movie was a straight rip-off of Robocop then this stinker of a sequel comes with Universal Soldier written all over it. David Bradley stars as Miami cop Jack Ryan (hey, that’s an original name) who sends arch nutter Morgan Hunter to death row only for secret government agency, the Anti-Terrorist Group, to rescue the guy and turn him into an all-powerful half-man, half-robot special agent. Of course Hunter rebels again leaving Bradley chasing down his nemesis with predictably violent, if less than riveting, results.