Curdled Review

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Columbian immigrant, Gabriella is obsessed with violent crime and criminals, in particular William Baldwin "The Blue Blood Killer". So she takes a job as a post-murder cleaner to get closer to the action.


The name of the modern-day master of violent films, Quentin Tarantino as executive producer is a good indication of the style, innovation and downright daftness of this little gem from John Maass and Reb Braddock. William Baldwin is Blue Blood, the serial killer who chops off the heads of his victims, Angela Jones is Gabriela, the young woman with an unhealthy fascination with his crimes, who takes a job with a post-forensic cleaning service to get closer to the psychopath. Blood, death and salsa are interwoven to chilling effect, with at least one exquisite set piece.

Very dark, and dead funny.