CSA: The Confederate States of America Review

Image for CSA: The Confederate States of America

The Confederate States won the American Civil War and in present day America, there is a British documentary on the nature and history of the superpower on being shown on TV.


A different spin on the mocumentary, this curious satire examines how the USA might look if the Confederate South had won the Civil War, coming to the conclusion that things might not be so very different.

Presented as a British documentary being shown on US — sorry, CS — TV, and frequently punctuated with adverts for slaves and racist products, this is occasionally hilarious but often interesting only to those who really know their US history. Even those ad breaks get wearisome after a while, and as time moves on the gaps in the conceit become more obvious. Still, a timely look at the precarious nature of our freedoms.

A mock doc with a message, this is a clever premise stretched perhaps a little too far. But as an indictment of the racism that still persists in the States and elsewhere, this is frighteningly plausible stuff.