The Croods Review

Image for The Croods

Prehistoric cave dweller Grug (Cave) has a lot on his plate from a daughter craving freedom (Stone) to an impending apocalypse. Marshaling his family and his limited mental resources, he leads him family towards a distant sanctuary.


If the neutrinos mutated beneath the town of Bedrock, the results might look like The Croods. DreamWorks Animation’s latest, a yarn about a prehistoric clan escaping an unspecificied apocalypse, is candy-coloured but clunky. Youngsters may revel in the popping 3D and quirky creature design (look out for koalions), but adult chaperones will find the storytelling basic and witty ideas in short supply. Despite the addition of some recognisable voices, there’s nothing here to match the emotion of How To Train Your Dragon. Not a yabba dabba doo time.

Bold visually but thumpingly ordinary storytelling.