The Crimson Wing Review

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A nature documentary about flamingos in Tanzania's Lake Natron


The first film from Disney’s wildlife arm, Disneynature, follows the perils and triumphs of Tanzania’s lesser flamingos. The pink birds may lack the clumsy charm of March Of The Penguins’ stars, but make up for it in dazzling beauty, captured with flawless technical wizardry.

Tear-jerking moments come courtesy of the chicks’ attempts to walk and fly, but the film can also be surprisingly bleak, showing vicious attacks by predators. The script is more mystical than factual — the subtitle is Mystery Of The Flamingos — which can be cloying to those of us raised on Attenborough. But this is still a breathtakingly beautiful reflection on the fragile nature of life.

Nature documentary, Disney-style. It's no David Attenborough but flamingos are charming under any circumstance.