The Crash Reel Review

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Prepping for the 2010 Winter Olympics, champion snowboarder Kevin Pearce is on the verge of greatness. But as Lucy Walker's documentary records, things didn't work out as expected.

Lucy Walker's breathtaking snowboarding documentary — which, like Senna, transcends its overt subject — begins, entertainingly, as one might expect, all neon gear and graffiti, pounding beats and cocky punks performing terrifying feats before getting it on in the bar. What is less expected (although note the title) is what follows: a profoundly moving (and upsetting) diary of what happens after it goes horrifically wrong for Olympic hopeful Kevin Pearce. Walker skilfully handles this narrative shift, offering a thought-provoking and, finally, inspiring study of family, friendship and coming to terms with heartbreaking loss.

Another memorable piece of storytelling from the Oscar-winning director.