Cradle of Fear Review

Image for Cradle of Fear

Something of a horror movie 'best of', this features child killers, cannibalism, deranged angels, satanism, vigilantism, female robbers and lots and lots of blood


Death metal band Cradle Of Filth take cameo roles in this extremely bloody anthology-style feature, made up of four stories linked by a common theme. If you're offended by anything, anything at all, it's probably one to avoid, but if you have a strong stomach and high tolerance levels for gore and guts, this may be the film for you.

Don't be fooled by the low-budget, video look – this showcase for SFX geniuses Creature FX is, in its uncut form, the best British gore film since Hellraiser. The film will be available in shops, but go to for the (totally legal) full-on version.

A must for the bloodthirsty - normal people should knock a couple of stars off the rating.