Cradle of Conspiracy Review

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Kristin is the daughter of stuff rich parents. Her mother Suzanne piles the pressure on her to be successful on the sports field as well as in school. She starts seeing Kenny, who comforts her at first and then gets her pregnant, hoping to sell the baby to a Louisiana adoption agency.


You know a film’s in trouble when its most famous cast member is Danica McKellar the girl who plays Winnie in The Wonder Years. When perfect honours student McKellar starts hanging out with a sinister smoothie from the wrong side of the tracks it is clear that bad things are going to happen, particularly after he gets her pregnant, develops a nasty temper and starts muttering about Louisiana adoption agencies who may or may not be selling babies for cash. Based on a true story, apparently, but not, as it turns out, a very interesting one.

A weak story and a weak cast make for a poor movie.