Cowboy Bebop Review

Image for Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is the old spaceship operated by Spike Spiegel and his team, a group of easygoing bountyhunters. In this feature-length outing, they're out to save Mars.


An introduction to anime for anyone who has never seen it or thinks they won't like it, Cowboy Bebop is a gem of this popular genre. Emerging from a late '90s TV series, this feature-length epic follows bounty hunter Spike and his crew of oddball mercenaries on the hunt for bio-terrorists with a mission to bring the colony of Mars to its knees.

With quirky animation, a punchy soundtrack, exhilarating fight sequences (think Bruce Lee with bells on) and set-pieces familiar to anyone brought up on Hollywood action blockbusters, this truly has something for everyone.

The animation may have dated a little, but this is still lively, enjoyable stuff.