Cops and Robbersons Review

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When police discover that a mob hitman has moved in next door to the Robbersons, they want to find out what he is up to. So they set up a stakeout in the Robberson's home. Hard-nosed, tough-as-nails Jake Stone is assigned to the stakeout. But now it's a question of whether Jake can last long enough to capture the bad guys. The Robbersons want to help so they are driving him crazy.


A normal suburban husband (Chevy Chase) with a fixation for cop shows, becomes well and truly bitten by the NYPD bug after his home becomes the venue for a stakeout led by rugged policeman Jack Palance. Despite a promising opening and a smattering of rib-tickling moments, this good-natured comedy quickly dips into familiar territory, substituting mawkish sentimentality and the moral responsibility of crime-fighting for its earlier amiability.

Not funny.