Cool As Ice Review

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Former teen idol and sometime rap artist Vanilla Ice made his movie debut in this lightweight tale of young love that serves best as a cinematic interpretation of the photo romances much revered by pre-pubescent pinup magazines.

When super-cool Ice claps his Ray-Bans on cherubic, rich, middle-class, high school scholar Kathy, it isn't long before he's stealing her Filofax and offering her rides on his bike. Unfortunately, her wealthy boyfriend isn't too keen on Kath hitching up with the rebel, and neither is her father.

Dad, 20 years on the Federal Witness Protection Programme, believes Ice to be in league with two of his corrupt ex-police colleagues who have reappeared to threaten the family over unsettled past scores. This daft subplot misses a beat when Ice and his band turn super-sleuths and rescue Kath's younger brother after the heavies kidnap her to the inane hip-hop soundtrack.