What's Cooking? Review

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Four separate, ethnically diverse families in LA’s Fairfax District prepare to celebrate thanksgiving while all the tensions and conflict inherent in family life come to the surface.


Take a group of talented actresses, throw in an Altman-style group of stories, a dash of humour and a sprinkle of conflict, and you have the ingredients for this enjoyable comedy-drama from Bhaji On The Beach writer/director, Chadha.

Set during Thanksgiving, the film focuses on four very different LA families preparing for the festivities with the likes of meddling mother-in-laws and uninvited ex-husbands. Funniest is the Seelig household, where Kyra Sedgwick’s parents seem unable to grasp the fact that her guest (Margulies) is also her lover.

The film perks up considerably once the dinners are in the oven and familiar crises (rows over the table, overcooked turkey) rear their heads. A chick flick, but one with a hearty helping of real life on the side.