Convenience Review

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Hapless robbers A.J. (Panthaki) and Shaan (Akhtar) hold up a 24-hour garage and end up working there for rest of the night


Rough-hewn but very funny, this is a British comedy that could be American, with its indie charm, simple but strong set-up and sense of ageless slackerdom. In hock to the Russian mob, hapless mates A.J. (Panthaki) and Shaan (Akhtar) decide to rob a 24-hour garage, but have to fake it as employees, alongside frustrated store clerk Levi (McClure), while they wait for the time-locked safe to open.

A wonderfully odd assortment of characters assail the central trio, though no one can eclipse Four Lions star Akhtar – a complete, hilarious delight as a dimly amiable man who proves that while it’s good to be clever, it’s better to be kind.

A lo-fi Brit com with all the pleasures of an American indie.