The Collector Review

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When debt-ridden Arkin (Stewart) breaks into his employer's family home, he finds himself substantially out-maniacked by Juan Fernández's masked man. But can he escape the house, and the traps laid within it, alive?


Arkin (Josh Stewart), a professional thief, breaks into a remote house, only to find a masked maniac (Juan Fernández) has already invaded and set cruel traps throughout the place. Arkin is torn between fear for his own skin and an impulse to help the family targeted by the killer. Director Marcus Dunstan and co-writer Patrick Melton cut their teeth on Saw sequels and the Dungeon-friendly Feast franchise, but here create their own surefire horror standalone. The conflicted criminal hero is a twist which freshens the home-invasion drama (à la The Strangers), as are the flinch-making DIY tortures (dangling fish-hooks, a carpet of bear-traps). It’s pared down to the bone, and its weird-looking villain is ultimately just another loon in a mask, but it’s a piranha of a thrill-ride: fast, ruthless and with lots of teeth.

A nerve-fraying new take on the home-invasion horror.