Collateral Damage Review

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When a terrorist bomb kills his wife and child, distraught fireman Gordy (Schwarzenegger) heads off to Colombia to hunt down and kill the man responsible for his misery. But it isn't going to be easy.


According to the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger discovered the script for Collateral Damage and Eraser and Batman & Robin while skiing on vacation. That unholy duo has now become a trinity.

Don't believe the guff about Collateral Damage – a film about a terrorist attack on American soil – assuming profound importance in the wake of September 11. Half-hearted critiques of U.S. foreign policy are quickly sidelined in favour of demonising the villains and glorifying America's brave heroes. See Arnie strike back for America! See him succeed where the government has failed! Take that Osama – er, Claudio!

But then, Arnie fans usually only want to see heads and one-liners cracked. And even there, Collateral Damage fails. Deliberately stripping Arnie of guns and gags, the plot is laughably bad, and the action not much better. Perhaps it's time for a longer skiing trip. But please, no scripts this time.

<b>Collateral Damage</b> was dross before September 11, and nothing has changed. Pray for T3, Arnie…