Collapse Review

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Focal point of this documentary is ex-LAPD officer and crusading journalist Michael Ruppert, whose apocalyptic vision of a world with ever-dwindling oil reserves is tinged with personal disappointment.


Both a study of a man on a mission and a warning about the global ramifications of an oil crisis, this talking-head documentary allows hard-hitting fact and more specious supposition to compete for the audience’s credulity. A former LAPD officer who has spent three decades disbelieving headline news stories, Michael Ruppert predicted the credit crunch and is now convinced a greater catastrophe is inevitable unless humanity changes its mindset. He makes his case with a mix of cogency, passion and gallows humour, and not even the odd lapse into hyperbole can discredit his plausibly apocalyptic vision. Relieving the relentless close-ups with apposite archive footage, this makes for tough, but necessary viewing.

Intelligently probed by director Chris Smith and always compelling to watch, the chain-smoking Ruppert's vision of the future should be on everyone's viewing list.