Colin Review

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Colin is bitten by a zombie and when he wakes from the dead we see the arrival of zombie death to suburbia through his eyes.


Shot on camcorder for just £45, Marc Price’s crudely entertaining Romero homage records a braineater apocalypse from the zombie’s point of view. So, in graphic, mumbling detail, we follow the deterioration of Londoner Colin (Alastair Kirton), waking up dead and shambling through the suburbs, learning to feed, blundering into skirmishes and, eventually (and implausibly), finding his own sister for a chewy family reunion...

Getting by on gory, raw invention, but often sabotaged by maddening shakycam and crap lighting, its grimly British spirit (in the absence of guns, under-siege survivors resort to using saucepans) is likable, but honestly? It’s Video Dungeon stuff.

Falls down technically (unsurprisingly) and narratively (bit if shame) but with a certain British charm.