Cold Weather Review

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Dropping out of college, twentysomething slacker Doug (Lankenau) heads to Porland and his sister's sofa where he makes ends meet in a dead-end job. The appearance and sudden disappearance of his ex-girlfriend (Rikoon) prompt him and his new friend Carlos (Castillo) to engage in some amateur sleuthing.


Be patient. The first 25 minutes of this eventually charming indie mystery are patience-straining to say the least, as a listless college drop-out (Cris Lankenau) lodges with his sister (Trieste Kelly Dunn) and lands a job packing ice. When he lends an easygoing co-worker (Raúl Castillo) a Sherlock Holmes book and an ex-girlfriend disappears, a slacker detective story kicks — or really, shuffles — in. The pay-off to the get-on-with-it opening is you feel you actually know the characters, though you may find yourself wishing Castillo and Dunn would run away together, as theirs are the most engaging performances. Eventually, there is a good dose of tension and an unsettling tone reminiscent of David Lynch’s journeys into the underbelly of the everyday. Cold Weather never quite delivers, but it’s diverting and sweet.

The opening may border on the glacial and it's not without flaws, but Cold Weather blossoms into a charming lo-fi indie.