Cold Justice Review

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Seemingly kindly priest Father Jim appears to be. literally, a godsend for the needy in a rn-down Chcago suburb, but when a local ex-boxer realises the funds for a charity set up for the priest aren't going where they shold he encounters cold justice.


Dennis Waterman, who should have stayed on safer ground with MInder and The Sweeney, pretends to be a gregarious priest called Father Jim and Roger Daltrey is an ex-fighter who goes under the moniker of “Keith the Thief”.

Strangely though, we’re in Chicago which means both the film and Daltry’s wayward accent encounter an immediate credibility problem. With more incisive direction and a decent script, this conman saga just might have pulled itself together. As it is, it drifts listlessly from one set of dull gullible Yanks to the next.

What we're left with is a really stupid version of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Only in the final scenes does it start to make sense, and by then it’s far too late.