The Club Review

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As midnight strikes on prom night, a group of teens find that time stands still and then they are approached by the ghost of a student who turns out to be the devil. He then presents them with the unfortunate choice between killing someone or being killed themselves.


Predictably involving a handful of troubled students and a psycho teacher, they suddenly find everyone else has vanished and they are stuck in an old dark school on Prom Night, trapped in an out-of-time limbo somewhere between Elm Street and the Twilight Zone. With the devilish incarnation of a dead teenager as a guide, the characters confront their own inner demons and the usual face-blasting special effects. With a few good jokes and shocks and a surprisingly downbeat ending, this film is good Saturday night fodder, woth watching if on cable but not worth the rental money.

Firmly rooted in B-movie territory, yet enjoyable enough that it pokes fun at it self, this teen horror flick has some nice twists that balance the humour and thrills in a pre-Scream kind of way. Although the acting isn't always that great, it is only a B movie.