Club Med Review

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A Mexican holiday resort plays host to an assortment of holiday makers all looking for a good time and, if the opportunity should flash itself, love.


Characters from various parts of the world get away from it all in a Mexican holiday camp where Miami Sound Machine (strictly in the background despite the hype) provide the music and all the bare-chested waiters have flowers in their hair. Patrick MacNee (Steed) comes from "Yorkshire, England" — and in the film's only redeemable moment does a brief humiliating dance to Boney M's Hands Up. Other attendant oddballs are a divorced American couple, a French teenager and an Eskimo.

A bawdy, made for TV mess, which is remarkable only for the early glimpses of Linda Hamilton, Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine.

An ugly beached whale of a film that should be harpooned rather than rescued.