Club Le Monde Review

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Set over the course of an evening in a seedy nightclub, this follows the motley crew of regulars and visitors who are out for a night on the town…


Most clubbing movies think music plus drugs equals the meaning of life. Club Le Monde has the good sense to know that a big night out doesn't hold earth-shattering answers – it should just be a good laugh. At last, here's a movie that's not scared to acknowledge that most loved-up ravers are annoying twats.

Writer-director-producer Rumley has a keen ear for comic dialogue, and he switches between groups (the posh underagers, the coke-fuelled Essex girls in the loo, the former lovers who meet up by accident) in a manner that's more like a character-based sketch show than a feature-length movie.

Overall, though, the film is limited by its scope and a few types stray in beside characters who are more fully realised; but it doesn't overreach and the performances are all strong.

Fun from beginning to end, this is one of the best low-budget British indies of the year.