Club Dread Review

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Wacky comedy from the Broken Lizard troupe (last seen in Super Troopers) about a hedonistic party on a tropical island (babes, booze - the whole nine yards) that's somewhat ruined by the arrival of a serial killer. Like, what a downer.


Having made a name for themselves with 2002's distinctively dead-pan and gleefully puerile Cop farce Super Troopers, comedy-team Broken Lizard's follow-up is an equally successful parody of hormonally-packed Slasher movies, again offering a wealth of chuckles – as long as you're on the same wavelength.

Set on a hedonistic island resort headed by burnt-out '70s one-hit-wonder Coconut Pete (an exquisitely scene-stealing Bill Paxton), the film follows the increasingly endangered staff (engagingly played by the Lizards) and nubile holidaymakers as a machete-wielding psychopath stalks them.

Despite targeting a genre already effectively spoofed via the Screams and Scary Movies, Club Dread still thrives on the group's enormous charm and the determined, genuinely funny comedic approach of knowing pop-culture winks and a zaniness that marks them as pleasingly Pythonesque.

Slasher spoofs are nothing new, and this daft tale is as derivative as you'd imagine. None of this hampers its appeal though, and the Lizards ensure proceedings are bawdy, barmy and bloody good fun