Clockstoppers Review

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Two teens discover a wristwatch that gives them the ability to speed up their bodies so that the rest of the world appears to be standing still. Unfortunately, rather more sinister types are determined to get their hands on it.


Produced by childrens' TV channel Nickleodeon, this limp, unremarkable sci-fi fantasy clearly seeks to emulate the Spy Kids formula, but without the inventiveness or budget. Jesse Bradford and Paula Garcés (clearly in their late 20s) are the two 'gee-whizz' 'teens' who discover a wristwatch that has the ability to halt time. Which is, like, totally cool when you're running late for class or something.

Once in "hypertime", the eager duo waste the apparently limitless power with a series of silly pranks, before lurching into a by-the-numbers chase movie as they are pursued by an evil technocrat (a pay cheque-claiming Michael Biehn).

Despite a good gimmick, the predictably safe tone favours the welter of teen clichés, while the one major special effect is quite meagre and quickly dispensed with. Ultimately, the lacklustre material forces director Frakes to keep proceedings loud and fa