Cloak and Dagger Review

Image for Cloak and Dagger

It's nearing the end of WWII, and physicist Alvah Jesper is sent to retrieve former colleague Katerin from Switzerland for a debriefing on the atomic powers of the enemy. However things aren't that easy and Jesper must race around Europe after Katerin is killed, dodging a German agent on his tracks and finding another physicist to take back.


"There's a lot of energy in an apple," says Gary Cooper's unlikely nuclear physicist after being sent to WWII Italy to track down an important atomic scientist held by the Nazis. One of director Fritz Lang's major misfires, an impossibly dull concoction of facile sentiment and plodding intrigue.

Slow and complicated, though with some very Langian moments. A very telling period piece, there's no mistaking which side Lang's bread is buttered.