Cleopatra Jones Review

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Cleopatra Jones (Dobson) combats drug lords on behalf of the US government. However, when she burns a poppy field belonging to "Mommy" (Winters) she faces her toughest challenge yet.


Cleo (Tamara Dobson) is a US government agent in charge of combatting the drugs problem "from Ankara, Turkey, to the Watts Tower", and she's up against honky lesbian überbitch 'Mommy' (Shelley Winters), crooked white cops and jive-talking black hoods.

Tall martial artiste/model Dobson sadly isn't Pam Grier (though she does get a player to talk by tearing up the fab threads in his wardrobe), but you can groove on one of Antonio Fargas' better pimp performances and Winters in full-on crazed mode.

A demented slice of widescreen right-on action-funk from the blaxsploitation era.