Cléo From 5 To 7 Review

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Cléo, a French singer, anxiously awaits test results from her doctor. Fearing the worst, she spends two hours cruising the streets of Paris.


On the surface, a pseudo-real-time odyssey around Paris in the company of a chanteuse awaiting some critical medical results. However, Corinne Marchand’s fate is just a pretext for Agnès Varda to challenge the rules of classical filmmaking, as she manipulates time, space, colour and genre in each ingenious sequence.

Exposing cinéma vérité to be as superficial as Marchand’s chic friends, Varda delights in jump-cutting a swathe through narrative convention and invites Jean-Luc Godard to be her film-within-the-film accomplice. A brilliant work of cine-liberation that ranks among the French New Wave’s most audacious achievements.

One of the Nouvelle Vague's boldest achievements.