Clearcut Review

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Arthur is a native American enraged at the sight of his people's land being turned into a paper mill. He takes the law into his own hands when he kidnaps a lawyer trying to protect the land and the manager of the paper mill, and punishes the capitalist for his greed.


Clearcut gives typcast "good Indian" Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves) a rare chance to play a Native American psychopath. When legal attempts to prevent the Evil Whitey Corporation from ploughing a road through tribal land fail, Greene kidnaps the boss of the company and his own liberal white lawyer and drags them into the forest for some fun and torture.

Greene blows the bland white actors off the screen with his underplayed, good-humoured madness, especially relishing the chance to skin the capitalist and commune with nature. It might have been more fun without the spoilsport lawyer along to insist that all this revenge isn't the way a society should really progress, but it still works fairly well

Has a lot more meat in it than most walk-in-the-woods action movies