The City Of Violence Review

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Tae-Su returns to his home time to discover that the recent death of a childhood friend is suspicious. Him and another friend start to investigate but find the trail leads to other


When detective Tae-Su (Doo-hong Jung) returns to his old home town for the funeral of one childhood friend, he discovers a connection to another of their old gang, whose path up the corporate ladder has been dodgily swift. The cop teams up with yet another high-school chum (Seung-wan Ryoo) to investigate, and things only get more deeply suspicious.

Despite pinching from every well-known crime flick, The City Of Violence’s deft humour and strong double-act in its two leads sets it above the usual schtick-by-numbers, while the action is occasionally spectacular. And hoodies take note: breakdancing someone’s face in is the new happy-slapping.

Humorous with some decent action sequences.