City Island Review

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The dysfunctional, secretive Rizzo family find their lives turned upside down when dad Vince (Andy Garcia) brings home a young ex-con.


Amazingly, writer-director Raymond De Felitta uses a virtually unknown bit of New York for a chucklesome comedy about a family with small-town sensibilities, big dreams and bigger secrets. Andy Garcia is the old-fashioned father secretly taking acting classes to find his inner Brando while his long-suffering wife (Julianna Margulies) thinks he’s having an affair.

Among other eccentric deceptions are an ignored love child living in the garden shed, a daughter leading a double life and a son with curious sexual appetites, all escalating in a farcical illustration of the deceivers’ tangled web. The confusion gets tiresome, but the dramatic confrontation when all is revealed is terrific.

An, at-times, marvellous muddle of high farce and low-brow chuckles.