Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow Review

Image for Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

A documentary focusing on German industrial artist Anselm Kiefer and his his former silk factory studio in the studio in the south of France.


Anyone unfamiliar with Anselm Kiefer or the thinking behind his industrial artworks is likely to find little enlightenment in Sophie Fiennes’ profile. Nevertheless, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the ambition and scale of Kiefer’s achievement at an abandoned silk factory in the south of France. The picture opens with Remko Schnorr’s camera performing stealthy tracks and elegant crane shots around the labyrinth that Kiefer has decorated with disconcerting giant objects. But, for all the sensitivity of Fiennes’ approach to light, shape, texture and tone, the real fascination lies more in the artisanal than the artistic, as Kiefer and his assistants daub, burn, smelt, smash and winch materials with a precision that’s mesmerisingly compelling.

An intriguing and compelling documentary that provides insight into Kiefer's artwork.