The Cisco Kid Review

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Cisco and his sidekick Pancho have swapped their wandering lifestyle to settle in Mexico. Where Pancho persuades his normally apolitical friend to join the revolution.


A likeable cable revival for the old 1950s series Western character. Jimmy Smits leads the cast, playing a dashing romantic bandit in French-dominated Mexico and Cheech Marin is his ever-loyal sidekick Pancho, a Juarista who prods his apolitical friend into joining the Revolution.

The film is also interesting for its casting of British actress Sadie Frost. By casting prominent Hispanic players in the leads and carefully respecting Mexican history and culture, this takes the edge off the racism of the originals, though it continues to depict the French (Bruce Payne, Ron Perlman) as effete sadists and the gringos (Tim Thomerson) as grungy swine.

A more modern, more palatable version of the gentle 1950s series.