Chutney Popcorn Review

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Reena and Sarita are sisters living in New York. When Sarita discovers that she and her husband can't have children, Reena, a lesbian, offers to act as surrogate. But as the pregnancy progresses, things get much more complicated.


Every bit as acute as Monsoon Wedding, but more subtle in its blend of cultural satire and social comment, Nisha Ganatra's directorial debut provides a wry analysis of the way in which family ties tend to bind individuality, whether you go along willingly or not.

Ganastra also stars as a twentysomething photographer torn between her passion for girlfriend Jill Hennesey and a desire to please her disapproving mother, Madhur Jaffrey. But a decision to act as a surrogate mother for spoiled sister Sakina Jaffrey causes more problems than it solves, especially when she discovers that her sister's 'perfect' life is every bit as messed up as her own.

With henna tattoos drawing parallels between Indian tradition and the lesbian lifestyle, it's a canny sitcom.