Christie Malry's Own Double Entry Review

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Christie Malry (Moran) has had a rough deal from life. But after going on an accounting course, he decides to live his life according to credit and debit principles - for every insult he receives, he must return one to the world at large.


Christie Malry (Nick Moran) is a man beaten down by life. Following an accounting course, he decides to bring balance to his existence by committing an act of revenge for every little grievance against him. For every little slight or insult that the world owes him, he resolves to repay it in kind, with consequences that escalate from the mildly amusing to the outright anti-social, to the downright violent.

Director Paul Tickell uses striking visuals to illustrate his Kubrickian attack on the injustice of society, and Moran gives an impressive turn as the titular (anti)hero.

The film inevitably loses much of the complexity of the cult novel, but is still a thought-provoking and stylish look at one man's desperate measures to deal with the world in which he finds himself.