The Choirboys Review

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An array of LAPD's finest disgrace their uniforms of an evening by getting into lurid scrapes with caricatures of prostitutes, immigrants, homosexuals and blacks.


This is a major disappointment. Aldrich, one of the great unhallowed American directors, was given Joseph Wambaugh’s ambitious novel about Los Angeles cops and an incredible cast (Charles Durning, James Woods, Don Stroud, Perry King, Burt Young, Tim Mclntire, Randy Quaid, Lou Gossett, Blair Brown) and still came up with a dud comedy. At the time, it was an attempt to do MAS*H as a police movie, but now it looks like a cross between Hill Street Blues—it even features Charles L. Haid and a roll-call scene—and Police Academy, but without the good qualities of either. Aldrich made several real cult movies—Kiss Me Deadly, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane, Ulzana’s Raid, The Grissom Gang, All the Marbles, Hustle—which you should consider checking out instead.

A disjointed mish-M.A.S.H. of cliched comedy and misplaced observational wit.