Chinese Puzzle Review

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When his ex, Wendy (Reilly), moves to New York, novelist Xavier (Duris) decamps there to stay close to their two children. But this is only the beginning of his romantic entanglements.


Life begins at 40 according to this chic, soapy continuation of Pot Luck and Russian Dolls. Now in New York to be near his kids with Kelly Reilly, anti-hero Romain Duris has to juggle writer’s block, a green-card marriage and rekindled feelings for old flame Audrey Tautou, while trying to keep his lesbian friends from breaking up and communing with some long-dead German philosophers. The abundance of plot leaves little room for character development, but Cédric Klapisch captures the urban mood with ebullient aplomb, while amusing himself with stylistic flourishes and riffing on François Truffaut’s Doinel cycle.

A gently charming conclusion to the Klapisch's trilogy.