Child's Play 3 Review

Image for Child's Play 3

Set eight years after Child's Play 2, the ubiquitous Andy (Justin Whalin) is now in military school. Hoping that the bad publicity from it's Good Guy's Line has died down, Play Pals Toy Co. decides on a re-release. To cut costs they use old materials, which in turn brings the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray back to life. Trouble ensues, and only Andy knows how to stop the malevolent doll.


Either this is a couple of notches better than Child's Play 2 or the diminished expectations of a direct-to-video as opposed to a theatrically released sequel make a competently-scripted and reasonably action-packed sequel look a lot better than most of the low-rent, low-rental competition.

A major plus is that the hero this time isn't a squeaky brat but has grown up into Justin Whalin, a maladjusted cadet at a military school, and Chucky, the freckle-faced doll possessed by the spirit of serial killer Brad Dourif, is given a few more interesting pranks to play, such as replacing paint cartridges with live rounds during a war games exercise.

No award winner, but at least it delivers the rubbishy goods.