Chicken Tikka Masala Review

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Jimi is a young Indian man going into an arranged marriage. Trouble is, he's in love with Jack. But Jimi is understandably not willing to break the hearts of his family.


Like the titular dish, this is an Anglo-Indian hybrid that belongs to neither culture. Chris Bisson stars as Jimi, a young Indian man going into an arranged marriage. There's just one problem - Jimi's already found true love with Jack (Peter Ash). But unwilling to break his family's hearts and confess his true leanings, Jimi drifts along with their plans.

This has all the ingredients of a social drama, examining culture, identity and sexuality in today's world. But instead it cooks up a charmless farce, involving Jimi's defiantly tarty housekeeper, her witless best friend and an unlikely string of misunderstandings.

The script simply doesn't know what sort of comedy it wants to be, and while Bisson and Ash try their best, nothing can elevate this above its shoestring budget and uninspired plot.