Cherry Tree Lane Review

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Middle-class couple Christine (Rachael Blake) and Mike (Tom Butcher) face the ultimate home-invasion hell when their teenage son is trailed home by local hoodies.


After the histrionic Harry Brown and gory Eden Lake, you could be forgiven for thinking the hoodie-horror subgenre had run its course. But while this sparse, ingenious thriller might seem to cover familiar ground, Cherry Tree Lane delves deeper into the hoodie psyche with a degree of black comedy lacking from its forebears.

There’s no preamble: a suburban couple find their mealtime interrupted by a gang of teens who make it clear they have a serious beef with their son. The tense siege takes up most of the film’s running time, but this is not so much torture porn as a dry, existential drama. The adults (trussed and terrified) can’t fathom it, and the kids (cool as you like) don’t care; today’s generation gap has never been so starkly rendered.

Taut, tightly-plotted and at times confronting, it'll have you gripping the arm of your seat and double-locking the door.