Chernobyl: The Final Warning Review

Image for Chernobyl: The Final Warning

Bone marrow specialist Dr Robert Gale travels to Russia to assist in picking up the pieces after Chernobyl.


This starts out as a straight dramatised documentary (from the autobiographical account of lead character Dr Robert Gale) about the meltdown and the heroic efforts of the local fire brigade to control the ensuing conflagration.

However, it turns into an intimate little celebration of US philanthropy with Jon Voight as a bone marrow specialist who travels to Moscow and does his best to save Russian Sammi Davis’s hubby and other radiation victims. Jason Robards does a good job as the ageing American sponsor of the expedition and there’s a Gorby lookalike too.

Filmed in the USSR and using authentic news footage, this is well worth a look.

This made-for-TV movie works quite well.